One Malaysia Alert: PM Surprise !!!

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One Malaysia or what its just another Tagline, Im not a supporter of a Tagline. To me its just a rhetoric. Our Prime Minister promise to be fair to all races, I agreed that's how a leader should act in this multi racial country.


I did smell like something fishy this few days, I dont know about You guys out there, but I cought a f'lu' due to this.

The 1st Surprise knock my door yesterday as when Gov. removed the 30% bumiputra equity requirement for 27 services sub-sectors under a liberalisation of the services sector.

Health and social services, tourism, transport, business and computer and related services — would have no equity conditions imposed.

2nd surprise came this evening.: The Cabinet has decided that children of parents where one of them opts to convert must be raised in the common religion at the time of marriage.

Im not a lawyer nor a religous Ulama to comment more than my own opinions,

Im used to
be a businessman and its damn hard to find a living to play even with non bumi.
Even with the bumiputra

As for conversions I could not Agree More than what YB Zulkifli Nordin said. Read Here

Is UMNO/Barisan Nasional that desperate to gain popularity within Chinese and Indians Community?.

Surprise You Said.

To My Dearest One Malaysia Cabinet Members:

Enough is Enough, You have done enough damage.

Although I Agree We Need to be ready to face Liberalization, but Please .....

We wont Allow you guys to make us your
Collateral Damage.!