Update 2.20pm : Assembly Brawl...ROYAL RUMBLE Expected!

As Datuk R.Ganeson entered the hall to resume the seating he was confronted by the Pakatan reps, Pakatan Reps started pushing and pulling demanding Speaker to leave the hall.

Not Confirmed if anyone hurt during the scuffle.

BN Reps. Win Vote 31 to 28, R. Ganesan Appointed Speaker.

After an intense war of words between both BN and Pakatan Reps, Adun Jelapang, Hee Yit Fong Manage to move a motion of removing Sivakumar as a speaker at about 10.55am.

28 BN reps with 3 Independant voted in favour of removing Sivakumar.

It is inform that Sivakumar still refused to leave the chair of the Speaker even after the motion was succesfully approved by his deputy.

Datuk R. Ganeson was appointed to the Speaker seat with the same majority of vote.

Assembly expected to be adjourned for 1 hour to calm the situation.

Police manage to control gathering outside the SUK.

PR supporter from outside perak was reported has been gathered nearby to since morning but police manage to act swiftly.