Why Don't They Continue Their Hunger Strike Til the Assembly Dissolved.

The second day of Hunger Strike by the Pakatan, I'm not sure how many supporters has joined this campaign.
If you guys ask me,I think this Programmed is a blatant abuse of Human Right it self.

We were told the strike wont be hazardous to health as they still will be given water every 6 hours. Guys, better drink as much as you can.

Instead of 3 days I suggest Pakatan to continue the strike until HRH Sultan Dissolved the State Assembly, then only you could declare Victory.
After all how long is it going to take, the longest it will be only 3 years!
Go for it.! You got my Support!.

To make it more meaning full why not the loyal and Die Hard Pakatan supporter throughout the country show your own support by:-

1. Closed all your stall or restaurant till State assembly dissolved.
2. Stop Breading your chicken/beef or pig.
3. Shut down your veggie farm.
4. Closed whatever business relating to food industry.... Will you?

Its only takes 3 years, what harm could it be.

At the meantime lets us get a picture of how will our Elected Rep look like after 3 years of Hunger Strike.:-

Now Lets See Our Future Faces of Pakatan Representative.

(Kindly Please use your imagination as I dont have a help of Photoshop!) WARNING Parental Guidance Required 18 SX!

What if our Ketua Pembangkang Look like this in Parliament

and The Ex Speaker of Perak Look Like this

I'm sure he won't let his lovely wife to turn like this;-

If you heard PKR Nude Queen got a picture like this you might be smiling:-

But what if Tomorrow Newspaper display the same person with this?

Could you imagine.......


  1. Chef Engineer // May 27, 2009 at 6:01 PM  

    Jen nampak tak lawa ke bilamana eli wong jadi cam tu?