Malaysian Makkhal Sakhti Party.
To Fight with Dignity for Indians Community

HINDRAF was declared as an Illegal entity by the government as it has never been registered with the ROS.

After years of supposedly fighting for their so called "neglected right by the government". Hindraf finally become a full pledge political party by forming the MMSP( Malaysian Makkal Sakhti Party) which was successfully Registered on 11 may 2oo9.

I'm sure Malaysian will welcome another political party within its democratic system as long as the party ideology does not result to violence.

Former HINDRAF National Coordinator R. Thaneinthieran has a say:-

“Enough fighting on the streets. We are more determined than ever that non-violence is the way forward with dignity and justice,”.

Now you have it. For once these guys does has a brain to think. Street Protest wont bring any good to your people. Thank Goodness.

But why did Pakatan felt threaten by the formation of MMSP?.

First thru PKR Propaganda Media 'Malaysiakini' . MMSP was accused to have Barisan Hand in it. Read Here

It is an open secret that PKR and Pakatan Rakyat is in deep rift with Hindraf. Its started when Hindraf finally realised that Anwar and his co hoots never had an intentions to raised Hindraf grievance to the society.

Anwar actually preferred Hindraf to be an Illegal entity. He much preferred if Hindraf leaders still lived behind bars in Kamunting. The released of P. Uthayakumar & Co. has dampen Anwar plan to used the Indian Community to create Havoc in this country..

By becoming a registered Political Party MSP' has once again made Anwar 'Route to Putrajaya' Project almost impossible. Anwar plan has really being fuck up.

MMSP has vows to become neutral political party which strives to meet the aspirations of the Indian community.

Previously Hindraf has helped Pakatan a lot to wins in the May 08 General Election but , as Hindraf finally realised that Pakatan only using their struggle for Anwar personal gains. Hindraf has successfully distance themselves from the Devil.

Yes, its a new beginning for Malaysian Hindu & Tamil Community, beside MIC, IPF, DAP and Gerakan, Makkal Sakhti will become a new Political Party to be reckoned with.

Pakatan realised they won't have a chance to win in the next GE without Makkal Sakhti. and Barisan will do their best to woo 'MMSP' to join their alliance,.A

As today's governments ,Barisan with its "One Malaysia" campaign, Najib does has the upper hand to help 'MMSP' struggle. MMSP will support any party that willing to help. One year with Pakatan Rakyat is enough for them to smells the stinks that Anwar produced.

With almost 30'000 MMSP registered member, DAP will have to travel more often down south to Singapore & Anwar will be needing more fund from the CIA if they still want to use MMSP as their toys.

Looking at the current economic situation And after what Anifah Aman did in Washington DC. This time it won't be easy.