EC Approved PSM's Clenched Fist Logo...

Okay, that was what Malaysiakini reported today.Here. It was informed that their apllication was previously rejected as it somehow have "connotations of violence''.
Well maybe their previous submition of fist got the third finger up. Thats why.

I dont have a damned idea on what is the PSM ideology.

Although I think it does have the same brain of DAP, PAP or maybe PR (babi not included). I've only managed to get the answer while surfing thru It says:-

The Socialist Party of Malaysia's (PSM) strength lies in its work done with the masses, especially plantation workers, the urban poor, industrial workers and peasants. The party also collaborates with progressive student movements. PSM remains today the only party in Malaysia highlighting the plight of the poor from low wages and forceful eviction to retrenchment.
The party has also made some inroads into organising unions in the last few years. While civil and political protest are carried out by the main stream political parties, PSM continues to support and organise pickets, strikes and demonstrations among the working class. Click Here To Read in Full

I love to read the highlighted text, the same like their brothers in crime of Pakatan Rakyat, PSM doesn't even know a damned thing about harmony and peace.

What they fight for, to my personal opinions is just to create Chaos thru Strikes & Demonstrations.

How on the first place does the goverment allowed this Marxism follower to set up their party here.
Another left hand party, another socialist or anothr communist?

Let us think for a while what does Pakatan Rakyat really stand for:-

1. PKR = Anwar Ibrahim Anal Ambitions with Jewish Connection!

2. DAP = Malaysians Malaysia with direct Zionis Gov. connections.!

3. PSM = Support & Organise Pickets, Strikes & Demonstrations!

4. PAS = The most loyal Supporter to all of the Above!

Would you endorse this people to lead your child & country?

Wake up Malaysia!

P/S : When PSM officially joins PR, 'Pakatan Riot' will really suit thier name.